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ABC Investments

ABC investments (ABCI), established in 1990 as a limited liability company with the primary purpose of offering leading services in Jordan. With our one stop shop strategy, we provide brokerage and investment services all over the world across all investment classes.

ABCI Major Financial Indicators

Paid Up Capital
JD 15.6 Million

Total Assets
JD 35.3 Million

Market Rank
Among the top 10

Shareholders’ Equity
JD 24 Million

No. of Employees


ABC Investments is a one-stop shop brokerage house wholly owned subsidiary of Bank ABC Jordan, Established in 1990 as the investment arm of Bank ABC Jordan and licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission. It is a full range brokerage company offering its services to both individual and institutional clients. ABC Investments services its clients across local, regional and international markets offering its clients access to several investment instruments, which include equities, debt instruments and alternative investments.

ABC Investments main goal, through the companies highly experienced team is to offer comprehensive and individually tailored investments solutions to their clients, which adds additional competitive advantage to the companies leading market position.

ABC Investments has continued its progress as a leading broker serving more than 13,000 clients in its core business lines, achieving revenues of JD 3.5 million in 2018. The company has achieved its objectives through efficient management of assets and liabilities, reducing credit risk, and managing liquidity and profit, in order to increase its profitability and maintain its high level of customer service.

Investment Services:
The Jordan Securities Commission licenses ABC Investments to perform the following activities within its capacity across all markets:

  • Financial broker.
  • Dealer
  • Introducing broker
  • Investment Management.
  • Financial Advisory.
  • Investment Trusteeship.




ABCI Services:
Local Market Brokerage and Online Trading In the Local Market:

ABCI has maintained its standing as one of the leading brokerage firms in the financial sector and brokerage firms in the Amman Stock Exchange. The companies’ high paid up capital has continuously provided a competitive advantage to the clients as one of the leading providers of liquidity in the market at the most competitive interest rates.

ABC Investments offers the following trading services in Amman stock exchange (ASE) to both individual and institutional clients:

  • Spot accounts.
  • Margin accounts.
  • Online Trading through the company’s proprietary online trading platform.


Regional Markets:
The company offers regional brokerage services to their clients for equity trading in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Kuwait in addition to participating on behalf of the clients in IPO’s in the regional markets.


International Brokerage:
ABC Investments international desk offers the following services to clients:

  • Equity trading covering all international markets including but not limited to the US Markets, Canada, Europe, London Stock Exchange (LSE), Australia and the far east markets.
  • Exchange traded funds (ETF’s).
  • Equity options.
  • Future Contracts (Currencies, Major Indices, Energy, and Metals)
  • Futures options.
  • Fixed Income Products.
  • Cash forex trading
  • Over the Counter (OTC) Currency options
  • Open ended funds, capital guaranteed and structured products.

Islamic Compliant Services:
ABC Investments offers all types of Islamic investments including Islamic compliant Fixed Income (SUKUK) and Equity tools across the globe.


For further information, please contact us at [email protected] or via phone at:

Tel: +(962) (6) 5629300

Mob: +(962) (79) 5629300

Fax: (962) (6) 5682941


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Regional and International Brokerage

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